Music Video “Anything” by Gianna Tam

Last year I was approached by singer Gianna Tam to make a music video for her new single “Anything”. Gianna Tam, Erwan van Buuren (camera man) and I came up with this concept for the clip, which is pretty different than what we’re used to seeing these days. We were really missing the old fashioned music video’s with little stories and gimmicks, so we thought we’d bring it back. We decided to not go for a flashy clip, but focus on our story telling. Filmed on the Arri Alexa camera in one day at the producers (Chiem van Houweninge) home…. and his neighbors house of course. 😉
We filmed the video in November and it was released in March, because Gianna participated in “The Voice of Holland” where she signed a contract not to release any of her own music up till 6 months after the show.
Hope you like the video 🙂

Music Video – Jennifer Cooke

So here it is! After a successful release party in club Jimmy Woo, where they also showed the video, it’s now finally online! Jennifer Cooke – Ik Zou Niet Weten Hoe.
Thanks again to all the sponsors and crew who helped making the video 🙂

Don’t forget to put the settings to HD 😉

Music Video Jennifer Cooke in the making

Last Friday I directed and produced a music video for Jennifer Cooke “Ik zou niet weten hoe”. It’s a song dedicated to the girls in India that were taken out of child prostitution and human trading and given a home and shelter by the Stichting Stop Kindermisbruik (Foundation Stop Child Abuse). Jennifer was there last month to teach the girls street dance and bonded with them immediately. Inspired by all that she was experiencing she wrote a song. Shortly after, she contacted me from India and we spoke of making a music video as soon as she got back.
I called around trying to see who would want to participate and sponsor the video and surprisingly companies were very interested and I also managed to get a crew together within a week. Cameraman Bas Andries, gaffer Bart van Tunen and their team were awesome. We shot on the Sony PMW-F3 super 35mm camera with ultra prime lenses and it looks great!

Thank you everyone for doing such a great job! …. now off to the cutting floor 😉


Biscuits is a short comedy about a man trying to enjoy his early morning coffee with biscuits, but gets interrupted
by a hot shot business man who keeps on stealing his biscuits. He takes on the challenge to a duel of honour by who can eat the most biscuits.
I had great fun working on this project and would like to thank the crew for their help, inspiration and creativity!
Hugs, Gabriel.

Close your eyes

Fast vs Furious

Last Tuesday I was asked to direct a branding/ corporate film for a company that sells car parts. Sounds exciting, right?
Well what they wanted was a short film 4-5 minutes where we see a drag race between a motorcycle and a car… Hollywood style – fast pace – stunts and action! 😉 … Wow! cool assignment!
We had a free style motorbike champion (you know the ones that do all the fancy stuff in the air) and one of the stuntmen from James Bond’s last film and the Bourne Ultimatum! We filmed on the RED camera and also had a canon 7D and 3 GoPro mini camera’s to mount on the car and motor bike. Besides that we had a crane mounted on a truck with a Flight Head (remote camera head) so we could swirl around the cars while driving.
The only tricky part is that we had to do it all within a week! … like … stress!
Blue Dolphin did an great job producing the film and everyone worked their butts off to get it finished in time. Good job guys! The client is happy and Sunday it will be playing at a conference in a stand that will be transformed into a mini movie theater.
Soon I’ll be able to put it online for you guys to see. 😉 Until then, here are a few stills.

LifeLine “Harry Nilsson”


Did a reshoot for biscuits yesterday. It’s funny cause we filmed Biscuits early fall where there were green trees in the background. Luckily for this shoot we only needed some close up shots and extreme close ups, cause we only had snow snow and more snow. It worked out great! Can’t wait to finish the film! 🙂